The Complete Radioworks Of Count Arthur Strong (Tin Set)

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Finally it’s here! Arthur in a tin for the whole family which includes the complete radio works of Count Arthur Strong 2004 – 2012.

The collection of twenty–six hand baked delicious discs includes BBC Radio 4’s Count Arthur Strong’s Radio Show! Series 1-7 in stylish brand new packaging complete with The Christmas Special from 2006. A surprise element of the release is Arthur’s first appearance on Mark Radcliffe’s BBC Radio 2 show from the 13th December 2004.  This appearance led to Mark Radcliffe and Smooth Operation’s involvement in co-producing Count Arthur Strong’s Radio Show! with Komedia Entertainment for BBBC Radio 4. The previously unreleased Edinburgh Special from 2007, together with four pilot episodes, complete an exhaustive series of 49 half hour radio shows. As if that wasn’t enough, also included is a 48 page full colour booklet with previously unseen photos and puzzles!

In Arthur’s own words – “How did it all start?’ I can hear you ask yourself. ‘What was the journey from new born baby to having my own collection of VD’s in a cheap looking biscuit tin? I was just thinking to myself the other day, because I was asked to by the people who have designed this, if you can call it designed, to write a chronological account of the journey from my conception all the way up to this tin. Well it’s been well documented that mine was a difficult birth. In fact and I’ve never told anyone this, my mother said I had the umbilical chord wrapped round my neck when I came out and it’s a miracle I’m here today, then someone phoned me up from the radio and asked me to do the show and the rest is history.”


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