After many years of being courted by top London publishers, Count Arthur Strong has at last decided to put pen to paper and produced his first volume of his sensational diaries of his he’s written, Through It All I’ve Always Laughed. He will be turning the hands of Old Father Time’s clock back on itself, to recreate some of those wonderful old moments from his long and distinguished career you all know and love so much.

From his humble beginnings as a newborn baby in Doncaster to appearing alongside Alec Guinnesses in Bridge Up The River Kwai, he has always laughed through it all, and these memoirs of his will surely jog the memories of all those who have laughed along with him – including Count Arthur himself.

With his customary generosity he has requested that you be allowed to hear him personally reading from his own very manuscript (which can also be found on his audiobook) in which he tells of his early years as a baby and how he came to be one.

bookpageFor those of you who don’t own a speaker, you can click on the picture to the left of this bit and read for yourself how wonderful this memoir is and why you should order a copy before you have finished reading this bit of it.

Through it All I’ve Always Laughed: Memoirs of Count Arthur Strong has been be published by Faber and Faber in hardback, paperback and audio and tells the story of his extraordinary life in his own inimitable, tourettic, malaproping style.

Count Arthur Strong said: “If I didn’t know I’d written this book and I picked it up in a bookshop, I would be fascinated and enthralled to find out what happened next to me. I would also be highly delighted to pay twice the price of it.”

Did we mention you can order this book by clicking on this shop link right now?